MakeMini[Whare Flat Folk Festival] (2018/2019)

MakeMini[Whare Flat Folk Festival] (2018/2019)

MakeMini[Whare Flat Folk Festival] was the second event for the “MakeMini[…]” interactive art platform. The event was held in the Troop Den at the festival on the second of January 2019

What did we make?

Attendees got together to construct a miniature version of the festival made up of 65 pieces including: adults, children, musicians, instruments, trees, and cars. Some of the pieces were newly made for the festival (tent, trees, cars, children, instruments).

Here are some photos taken at the event:

Check out the video below made using the mini Whare Flat Folk Festival pieces:

Participant experience

I was really impressed with the wonderful pieces that people produced. It took us ~3 hours to construct the miniature Whare Flat Folk festival, with most of the construction in the first 1.5 hours. MakeMini was pretty popular with the kids.

Find out more about MakeMini[…]

Want to know more about MakeMini[…] interactive art platform? Check out this page:


Thanks to Susan and Charlotte for helping me on the day! Thanks to Ali for helping out with the stop motion video. Thanks to Anna Bowen and the Festival organisers for putting on such an amazing event.